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  • Digital Design Digest for January 25, 2022

    SEO, sitemaps, TLS, SSL, payment plugins, megapixels, design principles, Illustrator tutorials, Instagram subscriptions and pudding fruit. Check out all of the great information compiled for this week’s news. Click on a headline to read the full story. Read this post on the Web site! Tech News […]

  • Tech News Digest for January 21, 2022

    75-inch TVs, Garmin watches, QR code scams, free COVID tests, mobile VPNs, Jetson One, Dolby Atmos, Galaxy S22 Ultra and Weird Al. There is a lot of great in-depth information below on a wide variety of subjects. Check out the full list and click on each of the headlines to get the full story. Read […]

  • AVerMedia Live Streamer Webcam Shoots Up to 4K

    I told you that we got a huge Internet speed increase recently and that has made video calls so much smoother than in the past. Some of the video meetings can still be tedious, but at least they aren’t buffering and jumping. I’ll be including Amazon links that can earn me a puny commission. […]

  • Digital Design Digest for January 18, 2022

    Alt Text, press release, lazy loading, WordPress Y’all, logo design, photography cheat sheet, lossless compression, Peruvian parties and killer rice. This might be the longest Digital Design post ever thanks to the two incredibly handy infographics we’ve included. There are plenty of other […]

  • Tech News Digest for January 14, 2022

    Bob the diswasher, Litra Glow, parking meter scam, Zynga sale, to-do apps, image sensors, toner chips, Galaxy S22 and spinning dogs. While CES news is now behind us, there was some very important news this week. Check out all the headlines below and click on each one to get the full story. Read […]

  • Leilani Life Crosses Perfect For Multiple Locations

    Today’s post doesn’t have anything to do with computers, but it does have a very personal connection. When COVID started, my fiancée Katie began on a journey of creating her own business and products. To say there have been delays along the way would be a vast understatement. After a very long […]

  • Digital Design Digest for January 11, 2022

    SEO audits, link building, load testing, web3, IndexNow, lossy compression, photo restoration, design trends, Instagram reality and cheese. Those are just a few of the highlights in this week’s news. Check out the full list of headlines below and click on each headline to get the full story. Read […]

  • Tech News Digest for January 7, 2022

    CES news, WiFi 6E, toothbrush, T-Mobile attacked, Windows 11, TikTok, misinformation, lickable TV, Pixel 6, 1997 songs and Betty White. We’ve got a full week of news thanks to all the CES announcements. Catch up on the upcoming products and a lot of information for getting the most of what’s […]

  • ASUS ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White Gaming Headset

    I’m not a gamer. But there are a lot of gamers and there are plenty of companies that market to that audience of gamers. Their products can be used outside of gaming, and that can be important for content creation. So if you game, great, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t game, we also The […]

  • Digital Design Digest for January 4, 2022

    Content marketing, hotlinking, SQL injections, lossy vs lossless, font making, Instagram in 2022, Bundt cake and fry rationing. We hope you all had a safe and successfully start to your New Year. Due to the holiday, news was a little scarce this week. We still found some great information for you […]

  • Tech News Digest for December 31, 2021

    Echo deals, Shutterfly ransomware, MacBook notch app, James Webb telescope, 2022 trends, Red Hydrogen One, Leg Lamp and Cap’n Crunch. We’ve reached the end of 2021 and it was another challenging year for many of us thanks to COVID. May the new year bring all of you health, wealth and happiness. […]

  • RAVPower Filehub Works as Travel Router and Much More

    Over the years there have been several gadgets I’ve purchased that become very important tools in my travel arsenal. Heck, some of them are even useful when I’m not traveling. Two and a half years ago I wrote RavPower FileHub Makes Geek Travel Easier and today I want to follow up on that post. […]

  • Digital Design Digest for December 28, 2021

    Ecommerce platforms, SEO trends, NFTs, WordPress hack solutions, WordPress trends, creative trends, robot lawyer and rock food feast. Due to the holidays, news is a bit scarce. But we do see recaps of 2021 and previews of 2022. Check all the headlines below and click on them to get the full […]

  • Tech News Digest for December 24, 2021

    Echo Show 15, Log4j, scam calls, conspiracy theories, Queen COVID, crypto guide, rent for 5G, iPhone 14, Christmas Vacation and napping. Twas the day before Christmas and all through this post is a lot of good information for you to peruse. Look through all the headlines below and click on them for […]

  • Our Internet Speed Takes Off Like a Rocket Thanks to Fiber

    So much of business these days is dependent on a good Internet connection. When your business is building Web sites, that makes it even more important. Throw in getting all of your phone service and television via the Web and it is an absolute lifeline. The lifeline for us has been on life support […]