Unleashed Blog Excerpts

Unleashed Productions Blog Excerpts

Below are excepts of each of the most recent posts that have appeared in the Graphics Unleashed Blog, Vehicle Templates Unleashed Blog and Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog. You can read and interact with the full post by clicking on the post title. View all of the posts by visiting each of the blogs using the links above.

  • Tech News Digest for June 14, 2019

    There was a lot of news about ways to get packages to you, including robots! Speaking of delivery, will someone deliver men (or women) to the moon again soon? How many historic recordings went up in smoke? These and many more stories are found in his week’s news. Click on the headlines below […]

  • Recharge Your AA Batteries and New Prince

    I was talking with a client on the phone recently when the batteries on the cordless phone died. There are other handsets, but it took me a couple of minutes to get another one so that I could continue speaking with the client. Ugh. I’ll tell you what I ordered from Amazon and I do […]

  • Tech News Digest for June 7, 2019

    The Apple WWDC took place and that means we are overflowing with Apple news this week. As the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 nears, you’ll see more about it. This week, that means a new Lego set. The Nik Collection of Photoshop plugins lives again! Happy National Donut Day!!! These stories and […]

  • EZDIY-FAB 2-Port USB 3.0 USB 2.0 Front Panel

    In the last two weeks I’ve described the parts that will go into my refurbished computer. You can read the two previous posts Building a Fast Computer Starts With These Parts and More Components for Building a Fast Computer to see everything I’ve included so far. While I will be using […]

  • Getting Unleashed Started on Pinterest

    It is probably something I should have done years ago, but I admittedly was a little intimidated with Pinterest. So I put it off as long as possible and then I sat down with someone far more knowledgeable than me and got started. Once I got started, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 31, 2019

    We’re a bit late to the game, but Graphics Unleashed is now on Pinterest. We have a lot more pins to add, but it is a nice start. Summer is starting to roll in and that means there is bit of a lull in news. You’ll find a few headlines to help you stay safe […]The post Tech News […]

  • More Components for Building a Fast Computer

    I told you last week in Building a Fast Computer Starts With These Parts that the guts of my computer would require replacement. In that post I covered the CPU, motherboard and memory that I had chosen. This post will tell you about some of the other parts I’ve chosen including some […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 24, 2019

    The May Windows Update is starting to roll out and we have the details. Amazon wants to send you to space in addition to their other services. Florida men and their cars got into more trouble. Sprint and T-Mobile are merging? These are just a few of the stories covered in this week’s Tech […]

  • Building a Fast Computer Starts With These Parts

    Loyal readers may have noticed I haven’t been writing as much recently. There are various reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that I’ve been battling some issues with my desktop computer. I’ve tried a number of things to get it working correctly again, but it seems that the […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 17, 2019

    WannaCry coming back? Windows and Linux playing nice together? You have an alligator where? Should Facebook get broken into pieces? The Stones will be rolling again soon? There are just a few of the many stories covered in this week’s Tech News. Below are all the headlines grouped into […]

  • Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera Watches Over You

    Back when I was a teenager, my home suffered a break-in while the family was on vacation. I’ve been lucky since then and my life has been crime-free. While one can never been completely safe, I don’t have a lot of concern in my current home. An easy way to help stay safe is with […]

  • My First Ten Years on Twitter

    What did you do on May 9, 2009? I don’t remember much about that day but it was the day when I first created a Twitter account. On that day, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. Twitter was the hot new social media platform and it was time I […]The post My First Ten Years on […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 3, 2019

    It seemed to me as if the number of headlines I was including each week was growing at a rapid pace. When you look at a very long list of headlines, it can look like a blur. So I’ve organized things a little bit different in today’s Tech News. Headlines are grouped into categories to […]

  • Smart Wall Outlets Provide Another Option for Easy Home Automation

    As I was preparing to move to Loreto, Mexico, I decided to take a variety of steps to automate my home. Much of the process was described in a post I wrote last July entitled Automating a House with Alexa Devices. Today I’m going to share another product you can use for home automation. Yes, […]

  • New Collection of Tiles Seamless Textures

    When was the last time you visited our Seamless Textures Unleashed Site. We’ve recently added the 34th collection of seamless textures. The latest is our third collection of tiles themed textures. As with previous releases, you can get them in a “Lite” version and a […]