Unleashed Blog Excerpts

Unleashed Productions Blog Excerpts

Below are excepts of each of the most recent posts that have appeared in the Graphics Unleashed Blog, Vehicle Templates Unleashed Blog and Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog. You can read and interact with the full post by clicking on the post title. View all of the posts by visiting each of the blogs using the links above.

  • Tech News Digest for June 9, 2017

    With all the craziness around the globe in the last week, some big announcements from Apple didn’t get as much attention as in the past. Were they impressive enough? Give their new products a look and decide for yourself. Cars, game consoles, new Windows features flying cars and more are also […]

  • Scorkl Allows You To Breathe Underwater With Total Freedom

    Since I’ll be within 100 yards of the sea in less than a week, I’ve been more interested in ways to explore underwater recently. Back in April I wrote AirBuddy Tankless Dive Gear For Portable Scuba Diving. Their Kickstarter campaign has now ended and they raised more than twice their […]

  • Tech News Digest for June 2, 2017

    There was a lot of convfefe in the news this week. Thankfully there was also a lot of more interesting news in the world of technology. Click on the headlines below to get the full story. Android creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone looks stunning and will cost $699 Steve Ballmer: we should […]

  • Seagate External Drive Handy for Backup and Extra Storage

    I know you don’t backup your computer often or at all. There may be a couple of you who have regular backups, but you are a rare breed. Today we’re going to look at external hard drives that can help you keep your data safe or to simply be a place to store more data. … The post […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 26, 2017

    Star Wars came out 40 years ago? Really? Wow, I feel old. iPhone 8, Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T and short GoT episodes. Yes, a lot of phone-related news again this week. A new drone, sandwich definitions, Mister Rogers cardigans and much more are covered in this weeks news. Click the headlines […]

  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter Delivers Tunes and Hands Free Calling

    I will be embarking on a very long road trip this summer through areas that have few, if any, radio stations. If I want some music for the journey, I have to provide it. My phone has some great playlists, but my vehicle doesn’t support Bluetooth. That led me on a search for a solution. […]

  • Variable Data inside CorelDRAW – Dog Tag Example

    A user asked how they could swap text for numbers right inside CorelDRAW, on tags set in a pre-imposed layout. I used the macro found here. The post Variable Data inside CorelDRAW – Dog Tag Example appeared first on Graphics Unleashed Blog. […]

  • New Templates for BMW’s & Friends

    There are times when we release several templates from one auto manufacturer and this has happened with BMW templates this week. Wasn’t intentional, just worked out that way. We’ve added the the BMW 5er Touring 2017, BMW 4er 2009, BMW 4er 2014 & the BMW Z4 […]

  • Scale Live Contours

    There’s a way to do it! Group the Contour and your shape/text together first. Then start scaling! Special Thanks to Ronny Axelsson from Sweden for this interesting tip. Watch the video: The post Scale Live Contours appeared first on Graphics Unleashed Blog. […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 19, 2017

    This week was absolutely dominated by the WannaCry ransomware attack. If you are on Windows XP, PLEASE upgrade now! If you don’t have really good anti-virus software, PLEASE get the awesome ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Suite. And for those who aren’t backing up their computers at least […]

  • Three Webcams To Consider For Video Calls

    Last week I wrote about the Echo Show and one of its big new features is making video calls. Of course the ability to make video calls isn’t unique to the Echo Show and is not even that new. I’ve been making video calls through Skype for nearly a decade. If you’re going to make […]

  • eCut Designer Toolkit Updated to Support CorelDRAW X3-2017

    The popular eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW has been updated to add support for CorelDRAW 2017. While the name indicates eCut can be used for a variety of cutting functions, it also has quite a few other functions. I encourage you to read some previous posts that described those functions in […]

  • Protect Yourself from Dangerous WannaCry Ransomware

    One of the worst Ransomware infections is going on right now. Please prepare yourself so that your data isn’t taken hostage. If you haven’t heard about it, read about this widespread form of malware. While the initial malware has been slowed, new variants are still out there running […]

  • Your Web Site is Under Attack and How to Protect It

    Each time we hear about a Web site being attacked, the owner of the hacked site doesn’t understand why their site was targeted. The short answer is that the bad guys are rarely looking to attack a specific site. Instead they are looking for sites that are vulnerable. Let’s go over some […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 12, 2017

    Getting the Tech News out last week was stressful with my computer not working. Now it is working well and I tried to find a little bit extra for this week’s edition. There is food, both chicken nuggets and tomatoes. You’ll find competing home automation speakers. Windows needs to die, […]

  • Echo Show Adds Screen to Popular Amazon Device

    I first saw Amazon’s Alexa device almost exactly two years ago. Now the family of devices uses the Echo name and there is a new member in the family. Thanks to the FTC, I have to tell you that I do earn a pitiful little commission if you order using the links I’ve provided. Sadly, […]

  • Unleashed Earns Mobile Sites Certification From Google

    We know the importance of Web sites that work on mobile devices. Often when talking with clients, we explain the important and they don’t think it applies to their site. That all changes when we look at their traffic stats in Google Analytics and see the exact percentage of mobile visitors. […]

  • A Perfect Dozen New Vehicle Templates

    Nothing like a dozen new vehicle templates! The newest added to the collection includes template requests for past models & templates for new 2017 vehicles.  Welcome the following: BMW 3er 2012, Cadallac Escalade 2015, Fiat Fullback 2017, Ford F-Series/F-150 2015, Ford […]

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