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  • A Few of the Best Deals for Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day

    Amazon loved their Black Friday sales so much they invented a summer sale to boost sales when we’re all escaping the heat. In 2021 the Prime Days deals will primarily be on June 21st and 22nd though a few sales started early and a few will run later. I’ve tried to round up some of The post A […]

  • Tech News Digest for June 18, 2021

    Prime Day deals, Chromebooks, CVS exposed, Gmail redesign, Windows 11, Bitcoin mining, GPS, Ami EV, iPhone 13 and barefoot driving. Lots of great deals coming along with a new version of Windows so make sure to check out all the information in this week’s news. Click on a headline to get the full […]

  • WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive Has Big Storage and Small Size

    Last week I wrote Tips to Protect Yourself From a Ransomware Attack and one of the best tips is to have a backup that is not connected to your computer. Since it had been more than two years since I looked at an external backup drive, it’s time to look again. I’ll include Amazon links The post […]

  • Digital Design Digest for June 15, 2021

    Brand trust, search journeys, audio players, WordPress 5.8, Anthony Bourdain quotes, Web cams, Twitter ban and plant-based tuna. Those are just a few highlights from this week’s news. Check out all of the news below and click on a headline for the full story. If a discussed product is available […]

  • Tech News Digest for June 11, 2021

    WWDC 2021, Prime Day deals, ransomware, Windows 11, iOS 15, Facetime, Bezos in space, subsea cables, birdman, rich authors and Sea Snot. This week brought a lot of really big news in the tech world so make sure to look over all of the headlines below. Clicking on a headline will take you to the […]

  • Tips to Protect Yourself From a Ransomware Attack

    Ransomware has been all over the news recently. First it shut down an important pipeline on the East Coast of the US and then meat processing plants. Criminals have been hitting these high-profile targets because they often lead to huge paydays. Big companies often have some sort of insurance which […]

  • Transport Your Data Safely With iStorage diskAshur M2

    It is fairly common that we need to take our data with us. But what happens if the drive you use to transport the data falls into the wrong hands? Or maybe the elements are out to damage the drive. Today we’ll look at an option that keeps your data safe under many circumstances. Yes, The post […]

  • Digital Design Digest for June 8, 2021

    Pricing, organic search, Dropbox alternatives, social media images, deepfakes, Olympic pins, Twitter Blue, ice cream sculptures and Pop Rocks. Check out all the great stories listed below and click on a headline to get all the details. I’ve even thrown in some Father’s Day ideas. If a discussed […]

  • 144 New Misc Seamless Textures For Your Projects

    If you haven’t visited our Seamless Textures Unleashed site lately, you really should give it a look. We have 37 awesome collections of seamless textures. The latest is our second collection of miscellaneous themed textures that didn’t fit in any of our other categories. With all of our […]

  • Tech News Digest for June 4, 2021

    11th Gen Intel CPU, ransomware beef, Google photos, Windows 10 update, digital cameras, flying Ring, Internet speed and graduation gifts. You’ll find stories covering a very wide range of tech subjects below as well as a few that will make you chuckle. Check them all out and click on a headline […]

  • Get Started in 3D Printing With Creality LD002R LCD Resin 3D Printer

    I’ve heard about 3D printing for many years now. But I’ve honestly not looked at the various printers as I thought they were well out of a price range I’d consider. Now I know there are affordable options for getting started and I’ll talk about one in this post. Yes, there is an Amazon link […]

  • Digital Design Digest for June 1, 2021

    Selling art, marketing strategy, WordPress database optimization, photo editing apps, NFTs, Twitter Blue and making mezcal. Those are only a few of the important topics covered in this week’s news. Check out the entire list of headlines below and click to get the fully story. If a discussed […]

  • Tech News Digest for May 28, 2021

    Dashcams, fast chargers, ransomware trick, vaccine myths, VPNs, password managers, Ford F-150 Lightning, glowing rocks and Latin phrases. This week covers a lot of great products and can help you be more productive. Check out all the headlines below and click to read the full story. If a discussed […]

  • Upgrade Your HDMI Cables to Support 4K Video

    Now that I know fiber optic Internet is coming to my neighborhood, I’m having visions of all the cool things I’ll be able to do with new-found speed. One of those is streaming 4K video. Today I’ll talk about an important component for making that happen. Yes, I get a tiny commission if you […]

  • Digital Design Digest for May 25, 2021

    Lead generation, brand storytelling, theme customizer, real estate plugins, Save As, open source icons, Twitter verification and novelty foods. Check out the long list of useful information below and click on a headline to get all the details. If a discussed product is available on Amazon, a link […]