Using and Customizing Seamless Textures in Xara Web Designer

One of the most interesting fill types in any graphics software involves using seamless textures to add a realistic fill to an object. Because they are seamless, you can fill any size area you desire. We’ve posted tutorials on our site for using seamless textures in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

A few days ago I did a review of Xara Web Designer 9. As a tool for designing Web pages, it can also use seamless textures in the background of an area. The XaraXone site just posted a tutorial entitled Adding Custom Textures to Your Web Pages showing how to use seamless textures in Xara Web Designer 9.

Another cool way to get the exact seamless texture you want is to Tweak Your Seamless Textures to Perfectly Meet Your Needs and the Xara tutorial also shows you how to do that. Once you understand the power of using seamless textures, you’ll want to find ways to use them in all your designs!

Seamless Textures and Xara Web Designer